Social, health, and economic outcomes after leaving government care

The purpose of this survey is to gather statistics on people who have aged out of care to how their life has gone after they become independent. This survey has questions about demographics, housing, employment, health, experiences in care, and conflict with the law. For people who are First Nations, Métis, or Inuit, it asks about your connection and knowledge of your Aboriginal culture.

This information is important because Children’s Services does not follow up on youth who have aged out. We don’t know how many people have struggled and how many have had successes. This survey can inform us on how experiences in government care are related to adult experiences. It will help identify policies or practices that need to be changed in the child welfare system. It can push the government for improvements.

The survey is now complete. Thank you to everyone who participated.

The results will be posted to this website in Summer 2022.